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Do millions of moms care about your brand?

More than 12 million working parents in the US have kids under the age of six. How many are in your consumer base? How are you reaching with these coveted, WOM-driven customers, who have very limited time yet are drowning in advertising? Targeted marketing strategies are the only way to stand out.

DolceVita Media leverages the unique experiences of working parents to help you increase brand loyalty, consideration, and sales. Our premier book, My Mommy’s on a Business Trip, is earning high praise from executives across the country and is a Working Mother Magazine’s Top Pick for Children’s Books. Its counterpart, My Daddy’s on a Business Trip, will be released October, 2009.

"Thank you for putting some pride and happiness behind why my wife is away traveling and working."

Scott Prath
Vice President, Bilinguistics, Inc.
Parent of one

Think about the powerful impressions these books can leave on customers: airlines using them as thank you gifts for business travelers; hotels placing them in rooms for guests to take home, luggage companies utilizing them as a gift with purchase, cell phone or video conferencing services creating a great survey incentive, and so on. How can these unique books differentiate your brand and increase sales? Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

HR Professionals

Do your employees care about your company?

What are you doing today to hold onto your brain trust – your best employees who have opportunities presented to them in any economy?

A 2004 University of Chicago study showed that non-cash rewards were 24% more powerful at boosting employee performance than cash incentives. Meanwhile, business travel causes a lot of guilt and stress for working parents and is a definite source of job dissatisfaction. Giving a copy of the children’s books, My Mommy’s on a Business Trip and My Daddy’s on a Business Trip to employees is an easy way to further your Work/Life Balance initiatives and increase employee loyalty.

"A must for every mommy executive! This book should be a staple in the HR department to give to women executives who have a family."

Jennifer Suarez
SVP Workforce Development, CBS Inc.
Mother of Two

With very little effort, you can help minimize the stresses of business travel, enabling your staff to stay focused on the trip at hand instead of worrying about what’s happening at home. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.





Could the answer really be this simple? Yes.

Whether you’re interested in using our books as a part of your marketing or HR strategy, you can use this affordable program to meet your goals. Let us show you how. Email us or complete a program inquiry form to hear how other companies are using our books and review a potential model to easily implement in your own company. Customization is available on large orders, from simply adding your logo to printing a personal message from your CEO right inside the books.

Who is DolceVita Media?

DolceVita Media wholly supports working parents and the efforts they make every day to support their families. By creating a simple and positive way to speak with kids about what is work, why we do what we do, and why we’re not always available for them, these books help shape kids’ healthy attitudes about the workplace and spark their curiosity. DolceVita Media partners with corporations to distribute its books to employees and customers. By working together, the corporations and DolceVita Media can reach millions of working families dealing with work/life balance issues, many more than if the books were simply sitting on a bookstore shelf. DolceVita Media is dedicated to demystifying the world of work and creating excitement around the future careers of our children. After all, these gentle, trusting, tiny people will enter the workplace themselves some day.

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