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About DolceVita Media

DolceVita Media, a subsidiary of DolceVita Woman, LLC, is dedicated to explaining the adult world of work to young children in ways that capture their imagination and excite them about their futures. We do this through our unique series of children’s book series, Crayons and Careers, and other mediums.

DolceVita Media wholly supports working parents and the efforts they make every day to support their families. By creating a simple and positive way to speak with kids about what is work, why we do what we do, and why we’re not always available for them, these books help shape kids’ healthy attitudes about the workplace and spark their curiosity. After all, these gentle, trusting, tiny people will enter the workplace themselves some day. Will they do it with excitement or have they absorbed the sense of drudgery and resentment of “working for the man” that so many parents unknowingly model for their children? 

Set your children up for success. Relieve their angst and confusion about why you’re leaving and where you’re going each day. Give yourself a break by creating more harmony at home as your children become genuinely interested in your career and travels. Purchase your copies of My Mommy’s on a Business Trip or My Daddy’s on a Business Trip, today, and start having some fun with your kids and work! 


About DolceVita Woman

DolceVita Woman celebrates smart, generous, successful working mothers who don’t always have time to take a shower, but always know what’s next on their to-do list and how to get it done.

DolceVita Woman was founded by Phaedra Cucina, author, marketing specialist and mother of two young children. Phaedra started DolceVita Woman because she strongly believes professional women today are in crisis. They are overscheduled, stressed out, have a talent for taking on too much responsibility – particularly at home—and are losing their ability to relax as to-do lists race through their minds. Even worse, what makes these women successful in the office doesn’t always translate into success at home with their spouse/partner/kids. Unfortunately, that working mothers have little time to reflect on what’s really driving their day-to-day lives and think about their own dreams and goals. 

Our goal at DolceVita Woman is to be a leading resource for working mothers to create a life of fulfillment, balance, and prosperity based on their personal vision of success. As we grow our company, we hold firm to these core values:

  • Success must be defined by an individual, not society
  • Success can only be achieved through conscious thought and choice
  • Children deserve happy parents
  • Everything we do is done with integrity and respect for others’ individuality
  • We love what we do or we don’t do it

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For more information about My Mommy's on a Business Trip, My Daddy’s on a Business Trip, DolceVita Woman, DolceVita Media, or Phaedra Cucina, email press@dolcevitawoman.com or call 512.565.1841 between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm CST.

You may contact Phaedra Cucina directly at pcucina@dolcevitawoman.com.
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